Thursday, September 14, 2006


Remainders: If You Can Read This...

Maurice Gumbs comes to praise Yvette Clarke, and has an interesting tidbit: Charles Barron refused to carry indicted Assemblywoman Diane Gordon on his palm cards, while Rep. Ed Towns had no such scruple.

Barron, meanwhile, goes after his old ally Al Sharpton, whose influence he says is either "waning" or "non-existent."

This guy hopes Sean Patrick Maloney's supporters stick around -- and not (only) because they're cute.

Here's the big pork list
that Adam Green finds so amusing.

Markos Moulitsas has no love for Kevin Sheekey and thinks (why?) that the location of a political convention matters.

Liza Sabater has no love for the News's tech problems.

And Rahm Emanuel's jawboning seems to be producing the desired effect.

ALSO: The Voice lists the top 10 NYC recipients of state pork.

AND: Common Cause has the list in a usable format.

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