Thursday, September 14, 2006


Wall Street Loves Him?

With Suozzi out of the race and Faso trying to label Spitzer anti-business, it made sense today to roll out "corporate leaders for Spitzer," even if it was an sparsely attended event in a dim hotel conference room.

But the relationship between Spitzer and business, particularly Wall Street, remains a really open question. The business leaders on his list were a mix of Democratic stalwarts (Patricof, Rattner, Spielvogel, etc) and mostly lower-profile New York State figures.

One of the real heavy-hitters at today's event, Don Marron, pointed out that most Wall Street executives are barred by industry rules from getting involved in politics. "I know a lot of people on Wall Street who will support him," he said. But he said he wasn't sure whether any of Spitzer's old enemies had changed their minds.

Nobody with a business to run is going to pick a fight with the likely next Governor. Spitzer seems to be trying, in his unbending way, to make amends. And he's said before that he has quiet, improved relationships with many executives.

But one of next year's most interesting stories will likely be his relationship with the state's most important industry.

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